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Simply manage your healthcare team

No more spreadsheets, emails, faxes or playing phone tag. Onboarding & managing has become a lot easier.

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Whether you're a clinic or a hospital, how do you...

  • Manage employee's clinical file once hired by HR?
  • Get eSignatures?
  • Run healthcare level background checks?
  • Obtain personal and/or professional references?
  • Provide ongoing education?
  • Assign team tasks?
  • Improve team engagement?

A Software Platform That Scales With You

From EMS to Clinics (Physicians, Dentists, Chiropractors) to Hospitals & Nursing Homes

Modernize your healthcare team

Learn a bit about our software, and why it can transform your healthcare organization.



Flow simplifies and streamlines the onboarding process by using document automation, customizable forms, modern dashboards, secure messaging, APIs, and more.


Secure profile

Users can securely maintain their clinical profile and documents.

No repetition

You won't have to enter the same information twice, ever.

Easy tracking

At a glance, see where your employees are in the onboarding process.



Let us help you stay focused with automated alerts, employee profile monitoring, task management, and team chat.



A dashboard that works for you. Your one-stop-shop for all things team management!

Step by step

Flow is designed to help you tackle any task with confidence.

Time savings

Our automation algorithm gives you back hours in your day.



Educate your team members at multiple sites or positions with Flow. No need for a separate LMS!


Course builder

Create media rich, interactive courses and quizzes for applicants and employees.


Automatically assign courses based on employee type, site, and more.

Progress tracker

Run a myriad of reports to keep an eye on how your team is performing.



We want to reduce cost & time associated with redundant paperwork. That's why we've built Flow to automate/integrate processes & save you time while minimizing the CO2 footprint. Click. Sign. Done.



Flow talks to several entities to streamline your credentialing life.


We've designed Flow to ensure important information is never overlooked by any admin.

Smart alerts

Flow lets both employees and admins know when certificates or documents are about to expire.

You're in Good Company

Flow has removed the cumbersome nature of new employment by creating a localized source for applying, accepting, and onboarding a new employment opportunity."

Sarah, PA


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