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Our fractional administrative services help you manage your healthcare team & grow your business.

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Your Team Management Partners

Flow's fractional administrative team takes care of your daily tasks so you can focus on expanding your business.


Administrative oversight on process creation for onboarding and simplifying employee engagement.


Insight on process improvement needs based on accreditation and overall strong business expectations.


Guided support for your team to create and customize courses through Flow and simplify your company's learning experience.

Want to simplify your workflow? Ask who, how, and what.


Who currently onboards, manages, and educates your team?


How much time does each leader spend on onboarding, managing, and educating each employee? How are they currently carrying out each of the processes?


What is the real cost per employee to onboard and manage them? What could your team members be doing with that time if they weren't spending it on onboarding and process management?

Why healthcare facilities rely on Flow.

Experts at work

Flow's administrative team has years of experience in onboarding and credentialing healthcare staff with a cloud-based approach. We are backed by a CPCS expert who will ensure the highest standards of accreditation.

Personalized approach

We are able to customize and create processes that are unique to your company's onboarding and management workflow.

Process efficiency

Let Flow administrative experts streamline your onboarding, management, and education, affording you more time in the day to take on other important tasks and grow your company.

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